Advice from Ashburn Home Insurance Professionals: Spring Risks

Ashburn, VA gets hit as hard as anywhere else by allergy season every year. Unfortunately, stuffy noses and itchy eyes are just one of the risks that arrive with warmer weather. Homeowners in Ashburn should pay attention to a few specific Spring risk factors, and evaluate their current homeowner’s insurance policies to ensure that they’re covered. Ideally, this review should be conducted annually, by a licensed agent.

Wind & Flood Damage: Did you know that nearly 20% of wind and flood claims are filed in the spring? Hail, wind, and rain are all common as we leave winter behind, and even late snowmelt can cause homeowners unending frustration and financial exposure. Despite the relatively tame winter we had here in Ashburn, there has been plenty of rain. Make sure to check your roof for damage, and your basement for evidence of flooding.

Watch Those Gutters: Leaves, moss, and all kinds of debris can build up in gutters during the winter months. Not only can this buildup cause roof and flooding damage, but the increased weight can bring up structural concerns. If you aren’t getting your gutters cleaned every spring, it’s time to start!

Winter Cracks: Frost wedging is a process by which water seeps into nooks and crannies, then freezes. The expanding water can widen existing cavities in asphalt, concrete, and even stone. Spring is the time to review your property for structural damage, cracks in your driveway or sidewalk that might cause falls, and similar issues.

Trees: It’s also a good idea to look around your property for trees that may have become partially uprooted during a storm! Falling trees can cause drastic property damage, injuries, and death. Make sure to contact a landscaper or arborist to take care of these potentially costly risks.

If you’re in need of attentive and experienced insurance professionals to help review your policy, make sure to contact Metheny Insurance Professionals today. Our team reviews homeowners’ insurance for Ashburn families regularly in order to identify exposure, ensure that they’re covered, and maximize their savings. We’re proud to serve the Ashburn community, and Northern Virginia as a whole. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.


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