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Commercial car insurance is coverage that is designed to help with the very specific requirements of running a business. Often a business will have several employees who are driving company cars, vans, or trucks and sometimes even utilize their own automobiles for business purposes. This is why commercial auto insurance came into being and how it is quite different from private coverage.

This kind of insurance will protect various employees, company vehicles, equipment, work gear, and any passengers from the consequences of various risks, such as road accidents. Coverage limits are usually set much higher than private policies for this reason. Also, a business itself can be protected in case the owner is sued due to an auto accident or some other related incident.

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Essentially, no matter how big or small the business, all business owners who own and operate vehicles in the conduct of their business should purchase at least some commercial auto coverage. This kind of coverage can protect any kind of company vehicle, including those that are rented or leased.

Similarly to normal car insurance, one needs to legally meet at least minimum liability coverage requirements, depending on which state in which your company does business. If you have loans for your vehicles, additional coverage such as comprehensive and collision will likely also be necessary. Either way, owning and operating a business is a huge investment; why not properly protect it?

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