Fairfax Home Insurance Professionals Have the Answers

Buying a home in Fairfax, VA is no small investment. Real estate value in the area is constantly on the rise, and the proximity to Washington DC makes it an attractive location for individuals who work in the city. Individuals and couples spend years saving up for a down payment, and when the time finally comes and that dream house is purchased, it is essential to protect your investment. Unlike auto insurance, homeowners’ insurance isn’t required, however, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t important. Here are some key reasons why it is important to consider home insurance:

Protection for More Than Your Four Walls

So what exactly does home insurance cover? Standard home insurance policies help provide protection for your house and all of the possessions within it. However, most insurance companies take the extra step to offer coverage for anything that happens on the property. If a guest is accidentally injured at your home, your Fairfax, VA homeowners insurance may be able to help pay for the medical bills.

More Often Than Not, Accidents Do Happen

No matter how many preventative measures you take as a homeowner, accidents are bound to happen. That beautiful tree next to your garage may get blown down by a huge storm, or a burglar might make a daytime visit while you’re out walking your dog. There are some things that are simply out of a Fairfax, VA homeowners’ control, so it is important to make sure you’re covered in case an accident like that happens.

It May be Required

If you are taking out a mortgage to purchase a home, you most likely will be required by your lender to purchase homeowners insurance. As a reminder, until the homeowner pays of the home loan, the lender is technically the owner of your home, so it makes sense that the lending company wants to be protected in case of damage or an accident.
Metheny Insurance Professionals provides a range of home insurance policies in Fairfax to cover you in the event of theft, water backup, personal injury, and other types of losses. Let our experts guide you through the many coverage options available to ensure that your home, your personal belongings, and you and your family are protected.


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